The Art of Being Human

Self Evolution is Human Revolution
We owe it to ourselves to evolve
  1. Serafina
    Global Citizen
    I was born and raised in a religious cult until I was 17, I’ve traveled the world, changed my name, spent 6 years in corporate leadership, lived through the Christchurch earthquake, studied martial arts, been on a pilgrimage to India, been a single mum… and that’s just some of my story! We each have our own life story that makes us unique, a story where we have tapped into the strength of what makes us human. It’s through owning and sharing these stories that we inspire each other, we come alive, and when we come alive we can change the world. Ubuntu – “I am what I am because of who we all are” I love to connect, listen, learn, share and co-inspire with people from all cultures, backgrounds and ages. Life has taught me to see beyond the limitations of culture, belief and social norms, to embrace change and create new ways of thinking, being and doing. I am the Co-founder and CEO of Teaspoons of Change, aligning business, education and personal development with the Global Goals. Please get in touch as I would love to work with you to inspire social and personal change! Love and happiness Serafina Check out more at